About Us
Dee Dee Lewis - Head Decorator and Owner
Twenty years ago, I was approached by the owners of a catering company in
McKinney, TX.  They were looking for someone that might be interested in
baking cakes for them.  I honestly told her that I could barely boil water, all of
my cookies go flat, and that I may not be the best one for the job.   That said, I
was willing to give it a try.  I dragged my 1 1/2 year old and 4 month old
daughters with me and learned how to bake a cake.  Over time, I was taught
how to make frosting, frost cakes, and how to decorate.

Years later, I know that cakes are my passion.  They have taken the place of
sewing, scrapbooking, and even sports.  This talent has been a huge blessing in
my life.  My husband was able to go back to school and get his degree and a
great job.  Cakes have also allowed me to meet and talk with a wide range of
people and has enabled me to be influential in making their weddings and
parties special.

I have attended the ICES Convention in Grapevine, entering a cake in their
show that later appeared in their newsletters with brief directions. (Which I
supplied to them weeks after the show at their request).  I attend cake shows in
McKinney, Austin, Cleveland, OH, and Birmingham, England.  I try to go to
the Oklahoma State Fair for the International Wedding Cake Competition each
year.  At these events and shows,  I watch demonstrations and learn new and
updated skills in the art of cake decorating.  
My family is a huge support and strength to me.  My husband Tom helps in the kitchen
and with deliveries when necessary.  My five children, ranging in age from 17 to 10,
are also very helpful keeping everything going when I am working.  They also enjoy
traveling to the cake shows and hanging out with Dad while mom watches the (boring)
My parents, four siblings and their families all live in Allen and are a huge blessing in
my life.  I attended Reed Elementary School from third grade, then attended Ford
middle school, graduating from AHS in '94.   I have lived in Lucas for several years
and am now home in Allen again.  I'm looking forward to making more new friends
and happy cake customers.  
DiviniDee Cake's  
I typically use butter cream frosting to cover all of my cakes, using fondant only as a
decoration or accent.  I believe cakes should taste great and look great.  With my techniques, I
can get the butter cream icing so smooth that people ask me if I used fondant.  I have on
occasion, due to the design or complexity of the decorations, covered my cakes in fondant over
buttercream and found that I am proficient at both.  
ddthecakelady@yahoo.com       or    972-649-6253