Important information you may need to know.
Wedding and Party FAQ's   

Do I need to book an appointment to come in and see your cakes?
Yes, you should definitely book an appointment if you would like to order your wedding cake.  Other orders can be handled over
email or phone.  However if it would make you feel more comfortable to meet with me in person, I would love to meet with you, call
or email for an appointment time.

Do you charge for wedding cake consultations?
Wedding consultations are free of charge.  However, you are limited to one hour of our decorator's time. Should you need more
time, our hourly consultation fee is $50.00 per hour. If you then decide to book with us, that fee will be applied toward the purchase
of your wedding cake.

What happens at a wedding cake consultation?
Your consultation should take about 1/2  hour. You will sample our cupcakes and frosting. We will inform you of our procedures and
pricing information.   We are always happy to answer any questions that you have, and will produce a sketch and an estimate of
your wedding cake, if requested. Then, if you are ready, you can book your cake at the end of your consultation.

Are we under any obligation to book the cake when we come in for our consultation?
No. You are under no obligation to book with us at your initial consultation. You may book if you want to, but we want you to feel
comfortable with your decision. We will be happy to provide you with a written estimate (good for 60 days) should you decide that
you would like some time to think.  

When should I book my wedding cake?
Peak wedding season is April through October. If your wedding date falls within the peak season, we suggest you book three to six
months in advance of your date. If your wedding occurs in the off-season, two to three months is sufficient.

Can I hold the date?
Yes, you can hold the date. You will need to fill out a contract and put down an estimated deposit, based on your guest count. When
you have decided on a design and structure, you can come in and finalize your contract with a consultant. The cake design and all of
the details must be finalized and paid in full one month prior to your date.

Is the top tier of the cake included in my servings?
No. It is our gift to you in the event that you save it for a one week or month anniversary.  Please contact us if you have storage
questions about your topper cake.  Or you may serve all of your cake and add an additional 8 - 10 servings to the estimated servings
we have given to you. You may purchase a  fresh, 6” tier on your one-year anniversary. It will be the same cake flavor(s) and filling(s)
as your wedding cake – and it will be fresh! No dried-out, freezer burned cake on your first anniversary. Just call us one week prior to
your anniversary to order your cake and you can pick it up on the date you choose.

Is there a minimum order for wedding cakes?
No.  Wedding cakes are priced by the serving.  Options will be explained to you at your consultation.

Is there a minimum order for delivered cakes?
No.  Any cake can be delivered in the areas specified below at a reasonable cost.  Paying extra for delivery is insuring that the
ordered cake will arrive in perfect condition.  When cakes leave the cake shop with a customer, DiviniDee Cakes is no longer
responsible for the cake.  We try to take the cakes out to the customer's car and adjust placement for safest delivery but it is up to
the driver to transport the cake safely.  

How far away do you deliver?
Our delivery area covers all of the Collin County areas, Dallas, surrounding areas, and beyond when possible.  Depending on the
amount of deliveries we have we can travel much further.

Is there a delivery charge?
Yes for all party cakes and wedding cakes out of the Collin County areas.  No for wedding cakes in the Collin County area. The
delivery charge covers our time, fuel costs and set-up. Some cakes requiring elaborate set-ups may be subject to an increased set-
up and delivery charge. Prices range from $15.00 for local deliveries to $75.00 for downtown Dallas and distant deliveries.

Can I get different cake and filling flavors for each tier?
Yes, you can. For example, half of your servings could be white cake with chocolate mousse filling, and the other half could be
chocolate cake with strawberry filling. You could also have one tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, another tier chocolate
cake with raspberry, and another tier white cake with Praline filling.

A third way to get variety within your cake is to mix up the cake within the tier itself. Each tier of cake has two layers of cake and one
fillings. You could have chocolate-white cake with chocolate mousse filling.

When you mix up the cake flavors, you need to be aware that you will probably not have any control over who gets what, if your cake
is served as dessert. Banquet halls typically pass out cake as people are mingling and do not ask about flavor preferences. As long
as you are okay with your guests getting whatever is available, then feel free to order different cake flavors. One way to bypass this
problem is to order different cake flavors within each piece, as in example three above.

Are there different prices for any of the cake flavors?
All of the cake flavors are covered in the price per serving.

What about the price of fillings? Do some cost extra?
Not usually, but if you request a new filling not previously tried we may need to charge extra, depending on materials needed.

Can I get cheesecake as a wedding cake?
If you are thinking of a traditional stacked wedding cake, it is probably not a good idea to get cheesecake. Cheesecake shouldn’t be
displayed for as long as a standard wedding cake (typically 3 to 4 hours), because of spoilage concerns. It is also very difficult for
your hall to cut and present cheesecake properly. If you really like cheesecake, you might want to think about cheesecake filling
layers, or doing some of your servings as cheesecake “behind the scenes”, so that your hall can refrigerate the cheesecake and
alleviate any spoilage concerns.

Can I get fresh fruit in my wedding cake?
Yes, you can get fresh fruit in your cake in certain situations. Fresh fruit should not be displayed for more than 2-3 hours and should
be cut up and served immediately.

What is fondant?
Fondant is a special type of icing; it is a sugar dough. We use it as decorations for most of our butter cream and cream cheese
covered cakes.  It can also be rolled out in a large sheet and laid over the tier of cake. Before we put the fondant icing on, the cake
itself is crumb-coated in our buttercream to prevent moisture loss. So, you will get the taste of our buttercream, even if you order a
cake with fondant icing. Because of the labor involved, fondant prices begin at $4.50 per serving.

Can I display my cake outside?
Not a good idea. Besides the danger of the buttercream melting (temperatures above 80 degrees), you stand the chance of drawing
insects. Bees and flies like our buttercream, too. If you must display your cake outside, we strongly recommend bringing it out at the
last possible moment. Keep in mind, a tent outside in the summer is considered “outside” even if it is air-conditioned.

Can I bring in a picture of a cake I have seen elsewhere?
Absolutely. We will incorporate elements from an online or magazine picture that you bring in to us, and make a unique design that
is similar to the picture you have. We like to personalize the cakes a little so if you have an invitation or party napkin or even a hand
drawn design you can bring that in too.  If you have a particular color in mind bring a swatch for us to keep with your order.

Do you provide fresh flowers, or does my florist?
Your florist or you can provide your own flowers. Just have them at the cake table and we will put them on for you.  We will need to
know how you would like to have the flowers placed on the cake before we arrive.

How do I make my payment(s)?
$200.00 or 50% of the final total is required at the time of booking and can be in the form of cash, charge, or debit card. Your 50%
deposit is non-refundable. You may pay in installments if you wish. Final payments are due 30 days before your wedding date. You
may pay by any of the methods listed above, but will not accept checks after the due date.

Do you supply cake boxes?
Yes. We supply one 8" cake box for your topper.  If you are in need of more boxes please let us know before your wedding day.